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BONUS OFFER: Backtesting 101

Why You Need This:
  • You get access to your own interactive ASFX Backtesting Spreadsheet to store your trading data
  • The automation inside the spreadsheet takes your trade data and creates easy-to-read tables that help you identify what you do well and what is hurting you most
  • Your confidence will grow as you gain a clear understanding of your system’s long-term profitability

What you will learn:

  • What backtesting is and how to do it efficiently
  • How far in the past you should backtest a strategy
  • What software you should use for testing & analysis
  • How to set up and use the custom ASFX Backtesting Spreadsheet properly with any trading system

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Over 30 hours of trading education teaching you the ASFX Systems.

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- Trader Toolkit

- A1 and A2 Strategies

- D1 and D2 Strategies

- Philadelphia Seminar Replay

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What you will learn in these videos:

A1 & A2 Entry & Exit System

The A1 is an In-Trend, Breakout signal.  The A2 is a POWERFUL pullback signal. 

In this course, you will also learn:

  • An Intro To Forex
  • Forex Terminology
  • Charting Tools
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • How To Build Your Risk Profile

D1 Entry & Exit System

The D1 is an In-Trend, Pullback signal

In this section you will gain a clear understanding of how to identify and trade better risk/reward opportunities.

  • Identify a potential D1 entry
  • Measure risk/reward for potential trade setups
  • Interpret factors of probability so you can properly grade a potential trade
  • Use multiple time frames to confirm or deny an entry
  • D1 System checklist before you take a trade
  • PLUS, hundreds of trade walkthroughs

D2 Entry & Exit System

The D2 is a Counter-Trend Reversal signal

This includes…

  • Details on how to identify and measure counter trend risk/reward opportunities
  • Understanding of the exact parameters that factor into the probabilities of your trades
  • Clear-cut entry and exit systems
  • The D2 System checklist
  • Of course…even more trade walkthroughs


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